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I'm with you all, I felt pretty good immediately after my interview and I've been bummed/ambivalent ever since. I think the ambivalence is my brain trying to protect me haha. I've been rejected before

No work today and I am super super bored - I dug up what the e-mail titles are for each school in case anyone is interested  Might have gotten some wrong or missing, feel free to correct   U

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6 minutes ago, morgmorgmorg said:

I’m waiting on queens and no button. Are you waiting for queens too? 

Yes waiting on Queens, and I do have the button..... Now, in previous years it meant you got accepted. Last year it meant you got WL or R for McMaster, what could it be this year? Who knows.. Either way, we wait until tomorrow to find out!

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2 minutes ago, PopShoppe said:

It says I received an offer for Western on Student Center, but don't see anything on OMSAS yet. Also says (Unspecified). I'm guessing it's safe to celebrate?

You should be safe! I was WL on Western Student Center so it should be accurate. Congrats!


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52 minutes ago, newmy88 said:

I’m surprised Ottawa emails aren’t out yet!

I decided to wait until all the emails were in before checking just in case there’s nothing on OMSAS….. I’m dying over here lol

Haven't gotten a uOttawa email either. I'm only seeing OMSAS acceptances tbh.


Has anyone gotten any emails from uO? (A/WL/R)

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