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35 minutes ago, justamom said:

I'm 'working" too lol. I've spent the day trying to decide whether I have enough self restraint to wait until 9.30 am. Decided I don't,... but that might change. What a busy busy day! 

Way I see it, either way I'll be up all night, at least if I check, there is a chance that some of that stress will be relieved

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I'm with you all, I felt pretty good immediately after my interview and I've been bummed/ambivalent ever since. I think the ambivalence is my brain trying to protect me haha. I've been rejected before

No work today and I am super super bored - I dug up what the e-mail titles are for each school in case anyone is interested  Might have gotten some wrong or missing, feel free to correct   U

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Good luck with the results tomorrow!! Either way it turns out, congrats on getting to this point and all the hard work and dedication! Be there for each other, it's been such a hard year and we'll get through it all as a community! Celebrate your successes and reflect on your journey regardless of the outcome! My DMs are open any time :)

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I can't believe we're finally on the last day of waiting for May 11. I remember starting my OMSAS application in July and seeing that the first round of offers are sent out May 11 which felt so far away..... it feels unreal that tomorrow is THE day. 

I wish we could all get in and hope that we all do. We've all worked so hard to get to this point. 


Corniness aside though, I have work today and I know i'll spend most of it trying not to have a heart attack every time I think of results coming out 

Automating roxygen2 package documentation | R-bloggers

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6 hours ago, Dr. Shqipe said:

 My DMs are open any time :)

Likewise. The journey can be a long one, you will hear it’s a marathon not a sprint many times. I applied 5 times, interviewed twice at queens. Life keeps moving forward and so you must as well. For those who truly want it, you can and will find a way. But it does take sacrifice, grit, and time to go through this process. Remember this path is not the only path in life, so don’t let it define you. Best of luck tomorrow. 

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1 minute ago, Spar said:

I dont think ill be able to physically stop myself from checking at midnight so I volunteer as tribute

This is gonna be the longest 2 hours of my life, how are yall passing the time 

Helping my friend edit his essay for amcas lol XP

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