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What to do the summer before M1 as a non-trad?

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2 hours ago, ceelbe said:

I feel like this is what I would do too but I suck at relaxing haha. I think learning things here and there to help keep you excited for med school can’t do any harm if you’re actually enjoying yourself and only spending small portions of your day or week doing it. But I mean, if covid restrictions ease up I’d definitely go do some things I haven’t been able to do in the last year versus study lol. Good luck!

My thoughts exactly! I would definitely travel and hike and explore around, but covid will most likely keep us confined at our place. So why not just get a small head start, while doing other things at home?

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On 4/6/2021 at 6:38 AM, MDee2B said:

I’m sorry for the hardship you had to endure but also, congratulations for being so resilient and overcoming! Recognizing what you needed to do (take a year off) in order to succeed must not have been easy, going against the grain and paving your own path...

it’s really great to read about your experience and hear the other side of this question too. As a non trad myself, I find it very helpful and informative.

i will note one additional factor, that is you mentioned you’re at u of c - that’s a 3 year curriculum, isn’t it? Could the condensed nature of such a program also have played a role, compounding the effect of your non traditional background?

i know that most programs in Canada are 4 years- some, where I’ve applied to, are even 5 year programs for ppl with a non trad background, where the 1st year is a so-called preparatory year designed to get us up to speed.

so I’m just wondering whether this also played a role and whether it can be beneficial for non trads to choose a curriculum which caters more to our non-science university background (ie 4-5 year programs with a mandatory prep year, as opposed to 3). 

Wow, the 5-year program sounds amazing. I would have loved that. Yes, I do feel the 3-year program was a detriment to my success, but I'll qualify it again by saying there are many just like me who thrive regardless of length of program. But personally I feel a 4-year program would have been a better fit for me. If I could go back in time with that option available to me, I would definitely choose it! :) 

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honestly, it depends on your goals and what you envision yourself. For example,  If you want to be in the top 5%, you should go and ask advice from the top 5% not random users on a forum where everyone could give their opinions. It can be really misleading receiving comments from people who have a vastly different goals, background, and life perspectives than you as Catlady403's cautionary tail already touched on it.  Do you think you can find a physician who you aspire to in terms of their professional success and has a similar background to you and ask for their input? 


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