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Didn't match. Feels so bad man

Sending virtual hugs to all of you! I am definitely feeling the anxiety as well, especially at the thought of potentially being away from my partner/family for 5 years. At the end of day though, no ma

Didn't match either. Shit bro 

7 minutes ago, Let it be MATCHical said:

I wonder how slow CaRMS will be loading with everyone logging on at noon? Any insight from current residents?

I've heard it often crashes. A resident I was talking to last week said she had to log in like 3 or 4 times and finally saw it after 10 or so minutes of trying 

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34 minutes ago, cookie_m said:

Congratulations everyone! Dumb question, did people answer the email for orientation(from a generic mailbox) thanking the program at all, or would that just be super annoying?

I would imagine it being annoying if the program is enormous. I'd only reply if you have pressing, genuine questions at the time.

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