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UofA cGPA calculation confusion

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Hey everyone! I was hoping someone could answer my question regarding the cGPA calculation. I plan to apply next cycle and will be starting my fourth year this September. I've heard conflicting things from current applicants about whether or not they drop your lowest year while you're still completing fourth year.

If people could offer me some insight about whether or not I'll have my lowest year dropped while applying next cycle (it's not the only year I have with 30 credits), that would be appreciated! 

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Hey OP,

To clear things up a bit, you may find it more useful to consult a more reliable source like the University of Alberta's Medical School page to see what the academic requirements are in regards to GPA.  



In the future, you can avoid conflicting information by going directly to the source, and if necessary, consult admissions for clarification on such things as they may change from year to year.


All the best :) 

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