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Western Interview (unsure and not feeling great)

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Hey everyone! I just had my interview with Schulich yesterday.

Overall, I am really unsure about my performance. I actually got a lot more questions than expected and the interview went to 55 min instead of the allotted 45 min. 

I feel really good about 8 answers, 3 others were standard (they weren't outstanding or super impactful), and two felt very weak.

For the two weak answers, they felt really unstructured and one of them did not hit the main question stem as much as it should have (i may have slightly misinterpreted the question but I tried to bring my answer back to the main point in the end). I did not have any red flags in my answers at least, but I saw somewhere on the forums a person who was a previous interviewer said it takes two 2/5s from two different interviewers for your application to be thrown out (and that to receive a 2/5, it's usually because you completely didn't address the point or you dropped a red flag). I know there is no point in ruminating, but fumbling on these two questions makes me worry I cost my interview. If anyone has any knowledge on how this, I would greatly appreciate! 

In the mean time, I will try to keep expectations low. 

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