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After highschool I pursued a sport for 5 years. I picked university up at 23-24 and am an applicant at 27. 


During my somewhat unsuccessful run at pro sports, I did some volunteering and stuff but not much else...


How do i frame this? Is it ok? 

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I really think that you have to change the way that you're thinking about your sports career.

Instead of seeing it as "unsuccessful", consider it as "high performance in an area of human endeavour" - which UBC actually has a category.  UCalgary is also known to admit many athletes - e.g. former hockey players..

Try to think about all the positive traits that allowed you to get to that level - discipline, endurance, teamwork, practice, working under pressure, leadership etc..  

Unfortunately, in the OMSAS application, your high level of accomplishment won't stand out as much - there it's important to add as many entries as possible (using CanMEDS as much as possible).

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Fair enough - 


It is a little more complicated than even that. I played Jr A hockey, then signed a few short term pro deals in europe - Then developed a heart condition that stopped me from playing. Took me a few years to come to full terms with that so I coached a bit and that sort f thing..


Thanks for the answers I really appreciate it. 

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I think this sort of reflection is excellent and should hopefully help develop your understanding of your motivation towards medicine.  Plus, activities like coaching show leadership, altruism,..  

While GPA is generally speaking the biggest component of admittance, re-framing your non-traditional path towards medicine could really help.  Plus, having greater self-confidence in your accomplishments will help (hopefully) during interviews..    

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