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Flexibility and Paperwork in FRCPC EM


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Hello folks,

I had a question regarding the 5 year EM program. If you do go through that program would you only be limited to working in the emergency department or would you be able to work in other departments such as ICU or an outpatient urgent care clinic? From my understanding, we can work both in hospital and in clinic if I pursue the CCFP+1 program but not sure if it the same applies to the 5 year.

Also I was curious, do EM physicians on average have more or less paperwork than average internists?

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16 hours ago, Snowmen said:

The other advantage is that apparently your notes can be completely unreadable which makes it a lot quicker.

Bane of existence getting reports from the ED with scribbles and management plan that is non-discernable. Many EDs are moving towards electronic emr discharge summaries thankfully.

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