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Hi everyone! 

I am just finishing a Master's and unfortunately didn't get into any schools this year. So I'm just wondering if any of you nice people have some advice. Here are my stats:

  • B.Eng Mechanical Engineering: 3.57/4.3, converted to 3.50/4 by OMSAS this year; science GPA 3.95/4.0
  • M.Sc.: 4.0/4.0
  • French speaker, Québec resident
  • I own a medical technology startup and have a variety of clinical/leadership EC's throughout university
  • My parents are caretakers for children and adults with down syndrome, so obviously spent a lot of my time helping out until I left for university
  • I have two first-author papers, and a couple other papers lower down the author list; couple patents
  • I haven't written the MCAT

I'd appreciate any feedback/help. I know a lot of people will recommend a second undergrad, but given my student debt, and the fact that many of my friends still haven't gotten in following their 2nd degree, I'm less inclined to go that route. 

I'm working full-time for my company and love it, but interacting with doctors gave me such a deep appreciation for what they do. I'm wondering: would a solid MCAT be enough to make me competitive in the rest of Canada? How about the US? Any other options I should be looking at?

Thanks so much!


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Sorry to say a 3.5 at face value for sure closes every door in Canada. If I had to bet money I would say in US too even with a good MCAT, but you never know with your Science GPA and somewhat unique ECs so I can't say with complete certainty, but it would be an expensive safari to see and the problem with US schools is that repeat applications usually are looked at with much higher scrutiny, some places only let you apply 3 times, so not sure if you want to pull that trigger before you're ready.

Depending on your GPA breakdown you might have some benefit to looking at each school's GPA weighing, some drop your worst courses etc, but you have to meet certain requirements. See where your weighted GPA puts you, and depending on your yearly breakdown it may put you in ballpark range at some schools. You could definitely go USDO but I would do more undergrad before resorting to that.

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9 hours ago, bearded frog said:

I just noted you cross posted this and got a bumping thread here so you should close this one so we don't tell you the same thing twice which I clearly have done ha


Thank you. I'll have a look at the weighing but I think as you and offmychestplease mentioned, best bet is a least a year or two extra undergrad. Appreciate the help

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On 4/13/2021 at 1:00 PM, G3BMed said:

How about the US? Any other options I should be looking at?

Thanks so much!

Lots of good responses above, I’m just going to focus on this particular question.

Tricky thing for the US is that you are limited as to where you can apply as Canadian applicant, and the bar is higher for the limited seats granted. Otherwise, 3.5 GPA with a really good MCAT and clinical experience is totally within the realm of decent chances in the US - for Americans. Still, I wouldn’t rule out that option, and it may be worth sending a couple well thought-out apps. Spend some time looking into the schools that will take Canadians and looking at entry stats, find people online who have gotten in as Canadians with similar stats, etc. 

IF you are up to staying in the US for a while, you may consider applying DO. Your GPA, with a decent MCAT is pretty much on the money. But then be aware that you are considered an IMG when applying to Canadian residencies - hence, you’d have to be willing to stick around the US a while to finish your training. The overall match rate though is on par with MD match rates, much much better than if you chose to go the non-US IMG route.

In the event that you decided to apply and got in, keep in mind that you’d be taking on huge debt in the states, so it would be advantageous to make that USD money for a while to pay it back.

Overall I’d say it depends what you’re willing to try, and what you’d be willing to put up with. If big debt and staying in the US a while doesn’t bother you, you can always try to send a few well-researched USMD and USDO apps here and there while you continue to improve your Canadian app here.

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