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your GPA is too low for UBC despite IP -average accepted aGPA is ~90% and I don't know what your aGPA is in % but I would guess <80%. Calculate it.

You do not have 2 full-time years with 3.7+ for Western. 

Your 3.3 cGPA is too low for Mac. 


That leaves Queen's and Dal. For Queen's I think you are good GPA wise but it would depend on how high of an MCAT score you can get. After that, how they score your EC's is what would make or break the app to get an interview. And I'm not familiar with Dal but it is very competitive for OOP. 

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1 minute ago, offmychestplease said:

OOP median accepted GPA to UofA is 3.96 and 3.93 for UofC...

Yeah but there are plenty of people who get in with lower GPAs, especially at UofC where they love non-trads and GPA is only 20% of the file review score and 10% of the total admission score. Also, those numbers are wGPA, and after dropping the lowest year for OP, I imagine their GPA is low 3.8 so not terrible. Certainly would have a better chance at these two schools than as an OOP applicant to UBC or Dal.

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I don't know how many classes you took during your early years but you might want to look at doing a masters at USask or UManitoba or just getting a job there to get IP status and to take advantage of their GPA calculation formulas and their big MCAT emphasis. It's a long 3-year process but if you're dedicated and the numbers work in your favour, it might be an option for you. Since Queens and Western don't have any IP preference, moving to the prairies wouldn't hurt you for those two.

USask will only look at the most recent 120 credits when calculating the GPA for IP applicants. Since your first year was your worst by far, this may be very advantageous for you. Conversion from a 4.0 scale to a percentage scale may also prove advantageous for you depending on your grades. Shoot them an email and ask for their conversion table and convert your most recent 120 credits to their percentage system. They also drop 9-15 of your worst credits if you're IP and have done or are enrolled in graduate school. USask ranking is 60% GPA and 40% MCAT pre interview and 50%MMI, 20%MCAT, and 30%GPA post interview. They publish their admissions averages and procedures so it's pretty straight forward to figure out if you're competitive there or not.

UManitoba will drop your worst credits up to a max of 30 if you have more than 120 credits overall. They also have a wonky grading scheme out of 4.5, the conversion table is on their website so you can calculate your GPA for them. Pre interview their scoring is 30%CASPer, 20%GPA, and 50% MCAT. Post interview it's 15%GPA, 40%MCAT, 35% MMI, and 10% CASPer. Out of all of the medical schools in Canada, UManitoba puts the least emphasis on the GPA. Accordingly, if you can do well on the MCAT and gain IP status, Manitoba might be the best choice for you. Like USask, they publish their data and admissions procedures so it's pretty easy to figure out if you're competitive.

Much harder as OOP for both of those schools. OOP applicants to UManitoba need a high GPA, 520+ AND a great CASPer for an interview. OOP applicants to USask need 520+ and 85+ for an interview. I don't think either is really an option for most folks as OOP.

Good Luck!

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