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19 minutes ago, marsbar said:

hi i was wondering if i can apply after the first year into med or dent as a faux collegien (at udem or ulaval or udes) from mcgill physio?

Tu peux appliquer en tant que faux collégien pour médecine seulement à Sherbrooke (et peut-être UdeM s'ils ne changent pas leurs critères pour le prochain cycle d'admission). Ton programme d'origine n'a aucune influence.   Je ne pourrais pas dire pour médecine dentaire. Bonne soirée :) 

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admitted OT at mcgill (cote r 34.6), PT is still "ready for review" 

I got mine yesterday by email for physio McGill. CRC 36 , collegian. Casper so so.

Same tbh I don't understand what is taking so long

1 hour ago, PhysiotoMED said:

Hi everyone,

Just now received that Im on the waitlist for physio (collegien). Can't see my ranking.

Anyone else?


Same here, no ranking specified... Will probably be giving up my spot for physio laval though, so some spots will definitely free up soon!

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