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Possibility of getting accepted without MCATs?

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hey!! :) i'm not accepted or anything but for uottawa they don't look at the mcat at ALL, so it has absolutely no bearing on your application whether you wrote the mcat or not at the time of application (or for whatever score you might have got on it as well)!! so not having written the mcat doesn't put you at any sort of disadvantage as an applicant

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4 hours ago, lauren666 said:

Thank you Tennie! I appreciate the information!

Do you know if majority of their students are Ottawa residents, or are there quite a few students from Toronto that accepted as well? :unsure:

yes there are definitely quite a few students from toronto (and the surrounding areas), just like the user above me said!! also from personal experience (as i mentioned before i'm not in the ottawa med class or anything though), when i interviewed there last year, there were a bunch of students from the greater toronto area, and i myself am from the gta as well (and did not have my mcat written last year)!! :)

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