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Hi all,

I'm in the process of studying for the MCAT and honestly keep spiraling and losing motivation because I often feel that I will not be able to overcome my low GPA. I have an otherwise very strong application (currently in a management level position in a hospital after completing a Master's in medicine), and have even been told to follow through with my application by individuals familiar with the admissions process.


I guess I am reaching out for a chance at getting some reassurance and am wondering if anybody could share any cases of people being admitted to medicine with a lower-than-average GPA. I finished my undergraduate degree a few years ago, but only got a GPA in the low 3s. My masters program involved mostly pass/fail work, and getting high grades in the couple of graded courses I did have really wasn't a priority for me. I thought I would post, as there might be others in a similar position who would like to see some similar success stories (if they exist).


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