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Hi everyone

I found a BLS-provider course with heart&stroke that will happen this upcoming sunday. https://cpr.heartandstroke.ca/s/course/a082K00001UYyFZQA1/bls-provider (see details below) I have made sure that it complies with mcgill's requirements however the course instructor emailed me today and said that it would take at least 3 ppl to start the course and right now there are only 2.

Therefore I am wondering if anyone would like to join the course together? since it's a relatively cheap course (80$) that i was able to find that will take place on a good time (weekend since i have full time commitment on weekdays) and a good location (not too far away from dt mtl). 


Course: BLS Provider, C-685442
Date: May 2 2021, 1:00 PM PT
Location: 2500 benny crescent
Primary Course Contact: Minyi Zeng
Email: vitemed.ca@gmail.com
Telephone: (514) 576-0902

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