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Are residents considered full-time students?

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It looks like this question has been discussed in the past: 


Does anyone know if this ruling is still the most current, or whether there have been any changes regarding whether residents are considered students for tax purposes? 

I am also wondering if others have been able to claim that they are a 'full-time student' while completing their residency for the purposes of maintaining residency status (and associated health insurance, driver's license, etc.) in their home province? Planning to move back to my home province as soon as residency is completed (family med, so only 2 years). But getting a bit of pushback from my health insurance company, which is trying to argue that as a resident I am a full-time employee but not a student. 

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Had a long discussion about this with my classmates. I believe for the purposes of student loans we are not considered students because residency is paid training required to work independently in the profession we are already in, and not a degree or diploma. It is a weird grey zone. You will have extended health benefits under your provincial resident's association though!

ETA: I believe we are considered by some institutions students and by others just employees. So ymmv with the health insurance company. We do pay tuition, so you could argue based on that.

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Thanks @Persephone @bearded frog I’ve learned since I’ve posted this is that the government agencies i am dealing with all have different definitions of what a student is, and they are all very aware and don’t really care. I should not at all be surprised. Just another money grab to pay the fees to change it all over and then change it back! :wacko:

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