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Was hoping to understand a little bit more about why a high % of McGill's graduating class goes unmatched in 1st iteration of CaRMS compared to other schools in Quebec and Ontario. Do people just tend to apply for more competitive specialities? Or am I interpreting these numbers wrong? 







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On browsing the carms data from 2019/2020, it appears that specialty selection may play a significant role in the match trends you have mentioned. As you can see, McGill was amongst the lowest in % of applicants to FM, and among the highest in census of students ranking a surgical specialty as their discipline of choice (with previous total counts of surgically inclined applicants rivalling Toronto for instance, which has a significantly larger student body).






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Yes, I reckon McGill students tend to apply for specialities more broadly than french schools. As stated above, applicants from french schools tend to apply to family way more than their counterparts at McGill. In no way should one think studying at McGill puts them in a disadvantage for CaRMS or that McGill students have weaker applications. It's simply that there's not enough speciality spots for all these applications. Your interpretation was entirely correct !

Good luck !

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