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So, assuming you're not an American citizen/green card holder, it seems that NYU accepts J1 visas but Columbia isn't clear, it says you have to be a permanent resident to apply but also accepts visas?. Here's the 2021 American psych match spreadsheet so you can see what people's impressions were


Unfortunately, you will see that they are some of the most desired psych residencies in the US. Psych in the states is also extremely competitive now with lots of people matching to a backup or not matching. That's not to say it isn't technically impossible, but you would likely need to be a unique candidate with extremely high percentile step 2 CK scores (i think step 1 will be pass/fail by then?) research or something else that sets you apart, and likely some connection to New York or those specific universities. You would also need electives there. The issue is that if you gun for these places you're basically going to need to set up your whole medical school to revolve around it and customize your app to it so it would def impede your ability to apply broadly in Canada for a more realistic scenario, which I would do.

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5 hours ago, Psychi said:

I’d love to get into a psychiatry residency is NYC (potentially Columbia or NYU) but I’m wondering if it’s realistic to get in coming from University of Montreal. What do you think? And if it is realistic, what can I do to optimize my chances? Incoming M1 here. 

Its totally doable, but you need to write your US boards, and try to do research in the US in your summers off in psych. Network through those research opportunities. You may even consider doing a Masters in the US to help you network there. Getting psych anywhere in NYC isn't hard but if you want to be at the top tier programs you'd have to probably have an "in". 

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Anything is doable, but you need to kill your application. What that means in this context, is basically having your application buffed to plastics/derm/optho quality. Assuming there are no visa restrictions for the program in choosing you.


1) high quality research with academic leaders in the field

2) supporting letters and rotations in the US ideally from academic leaders and the program

3) not being an ass/being a personality that others want to work with 

4) STEP 1 is going pass fail. Presumably you would need to ace step 2. (Easier from a canadian program)

you are at a disadvantage coming from Canada to match at a high quality us program, due to the nature of the different systems and exposures.

Be prepared to do a LOT more hustle than your peers. Lot of logistical challenges to coordinate US electives (licenses - you may only be insured to ‘observe’ and so the quality of your letters may reflect that). 

Really think about your end game here. This is a stretch still and unfortunately nothing is guaranteed even if you put in the work. 

Also NYC residencies QoL suck, at least in intern year. Something something unionized nursing staff having interns do significant more scut than other places.

I’d reassess if this is truly your endgame and only end game possible, because other alternatives will require less/similar effort investment for equal or greater reward. But as a big outsider to this, this is where I would start with. And get on sdn and doing a lot more reading about us apps.

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5 minutes ago, Psychi said:

After hearing some advice, I think that’s what I’ll be aiming for! Seems much more realistic and would still make me happy

You’ll have more to offer the program as a qualified fellow and you’ll be able to bring back a unique skill set or experience if you choose to return to practise in Canada. 

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