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Hi guys, 

I was wondering what the situation with anatomical pathology is right now in terms of jobs for CMGs, and if anyone would be able to provide thoughts on which Canadian programs are considered “good” and which ones to avoid. I’m particularly interested in hearing about UofA’s program, especially since they seem to have unfilled spots every year. Thanks in advance! 

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6 hours ago, Findanus said:

I can't comment on specific programs, but a good measure of a program's quality is how successful the graduating classes are in being selected for competitive fellowships. 

Thanks for the reply? What would be considered a “competitive” fellowship? 

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Usually big names like MD Anderson and Memorial Sloan Kettering etc. But take it with a grain of salt these big names. 

A lot of these big name programs accept a lot of fellow because it's cheap to pay a board certified fellow 75K when they can generate 300K of revenue, and the hospital can pocket 225K of market surplus per fellow haha, it's capitalism at its best.

It's well known places like Memorial Sloan Kettering the fellow work until late at night doing basic tasks like grossing that should be done by assistants. Can you imagine hiring Internal Medicine fellows and pay them 75K per year so they can do the work of a nurse putting in IVs and changing bed sheets? That's what some of these "prestigious" places get away with!

The reason is in the USA they've drastically ramped up "residencies", it's cheap labor! Why hire more assistants, who cost 90-100K per year, when you can hire PGY1 and pay them 55K per year? Plus there are always grads from Carribean, India, Middle East, China, etc who'll gladly take any residency they can get, so there's never shortage of warm bodies. 

If you don't believe me just check out this example. This residency has 12 residents but only 7 MD on faculty. So there are more residents than faculty at this program!! https://www.westchestermedicalcenter.org/pathology1

Another great example is a hospital, with 4 pathologists, advertising for a "fellowship". Seriously, it's a community hospital in Timbuktu with the bare minimum staff to survive, and they want to be an academic center and train fellows???

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So true! Most of  "oncologic pathology" fellows at these prestigious places only do these fellowships after failing to match to competitive fellowships such as dermatopathology or GI pathology. The remainder is a batch of people doing another fellowship because they trained at a shitty institution and are too sacred to sign-out even after doing a subspecialty fellowship.

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