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Are connections important in family medicine?

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In smaller specialties, who you know can significantly influence where you end up with a job. Does the same apply to FM at all (perhaps to a more nuanced degree)? I know that FM has a great job market, but some clinics must be better than others (e.g., better operated/admin, better location, busier vs. more relaxed, more collegial patients, lower overhead, etc.). Moreover, in the GTA--where I hope to practice--getting an FHO usually requires taking over from a retiring FP. Considering all of this, it seems that connections may help. So, does getting a job at a "better" FM clinic (or even knowing a retiring GP to take over an FHO) require connections, or is it pretty much as open as we hear?

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I mean yes? As in networking is important in life? In terms of the residency phase probably not as important as other things, and when you're done you can go somewhere and open a clinic and charge fee for service and most places in Canada you'll probably get enough volume without having to advertise or anything. If you want to join a practice then networking obviously helps, I mean you can cold call places but you'll have much better luck probably if they know who you are or you can get an introduction/recommendation to set you off on the right foot.

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