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UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021

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D-Day in just over 24 hours! Thought I would get the ball rolling on this thread.


As usual,

Time Stamp:





Interview Thoughts:


Good luck everyone! Super excited. Someone should get a start on the waitlist thread too so that we can see if there is a correlation between time stamp and position on the waitlist, like last year.

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Hi everyone!!    After much contemplation I’ve decided to decline my offer. Hopefully this news makes someone very happy, very soon! 

@ everyone declining i love and appreciate u guys i wish i could bake u cookies kiss kiss <3 yall deserve the world

Hi all: I have just declined my offer as well. Hoping this makes someone's day very soon! Good luck everyone!  

Posted Images

Good luck with the results tomorrow!! Either way it turns out, congrats on getting to this point and all the hard work and dedication! Be there for each other, it's been such a hard year and we'll get through it all as a community! Celebrate your successes and reflect on your journey regardless of the outcome! My DMs are open any time :)

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  • Thefirem4ster changed the title to UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021
1 minute ago, pre-med 12344321 said:

is it naive to still have hope since there’s only been one person to update? 

I kinda think that the offers have not been sent out. Only one person claimed that they received an offer, and in the past, Chantal has not updated until the morning.

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Result: Accepted

Timestamp:  will update later

wGPA/cGPA: 3.97

CASPer: Felt good

ECs: Average, a few clubs, hospital volunteering, 2 summers of research, 1 paper, leadership positions

Interview: Prepared for 3 weeks, felt I've given a few solid answers and a few alright ones.

Year: Graduated 2020

Geography: Ott

French stream

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3 minutes ago, ohgoshgolly said:

I also have an Ottawa offer, English IP! Is there any chance it's a fluke though - so few people are talking about it? 

Congratulations!!  What did it exactly say on OMSAS for you? 

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6 minutes ago, StrawberryBanana said:

Did it appear right at midnight? Did you have the reset response button at midnight?

Yeah it appeared at midnight! I have the reset response button right now (not sure about before because I never checked before midnight).

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Time Stamp: 00:00 on OMSAS

Result: Acceptance

cGPA: 3.95+

Stream: English, OOP

Year: Just completed my second degree !

Interview Thoughts: I felt like the interview went well but after so many cycles I wasn't sure. I had a very friendly and warm panel and we had a few laughs. Honestly, this has been a long journey for me. I am a nontraditional student who took 5+ years to complete a bachelors due to a personal matter then completed a second degree (since my first degree GPA was not so great). I first applied in 2015/2016 but received no interviews, 2016/2017 I did not apply anywhere, 2017/2018- rejection pre-interview, 2018/2019- received 2 interviews and waitlisted at both schools, 2019/2020- received 1 interview and waitlisted. And now finally....

I first want to congratulate everyone for getting this far !! I also want to say that this process/journey is hard and to repeat it over and over again is even worse. But, stick to it, persevere and you WILL get IN. I thought for sure I would not get an offer this cycle, I was already planning for the next cycle because I am so used to rejections lol. Continue doing what you're doing and keep applying!

DM me for details or if any of you just want to chat <3

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