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UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021

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Hi everyone!!    After much contemplation I’ve decided to decline my offer. Hopefully this news makes someone very happy, very soon! 

@ everyone declining i love and appreciate u guys i wish i could bake u cookies kiss kiss <3 yall deserve the world

Hi all: I have just declined my offer as well. Hoping this makes someone's day very soon! Good luck everyone!  

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9 minutes ago, KingCobra99 said:

Every other waitlist in the country has significantly moved. Despite Ottawa having most the hyped waitlist thread in the country...I think it’s the calm before the storm though. 

I’m soo curious about the hold up, makes me nervous LOL

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Just now, hopefulMD555 said:

I’m soo curious about the hold up, makes me nervous LOL

Lol. Tbh A longer holdup is actually in everyone’s interests (provided the waitlist movement will be the same as previous years). It gives a longer window for other schools’ waitlist offers to go out, potentially causing some people to withdraw from this one and subsequently create more movement

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