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UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021

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Hi everyone!!    After much contemplation I’ve decided to decline my offer. Hopefully this news makes someone very happy, very soon! 

@ everyone declining i love and appreciate u guys i wish i could bake u cookies kiss kiss <3 yall deserve the world

Hi all: I have just declined my offer as well. Hoping this makes someone's day very soon! Good luck everyone!  

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8 minutes ago, ksjdflkhei said:

I saved what everyone wrote before someone just deleted it so here is a screenshot so far...just post the rest of your info here and I can add in when i have a chance!1577212713_ScreenShot2021-05-11at11_17_48AM.png.c45e8b43c62c44538acb4faeafddffdb.png

Timestamp: 9:26:34 EST (bad WL)

GPA: 3.91

Stream: English


Kudos on the screenshot. Thank you. 

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Hi everyone, uOttawa MS1 here. Congrats to the successful applicants, and for those who have been waitlisted – I know very well what it’s like to be in your position and to face the uncertainty that lies ahead of you. No matter what happens in the following weeks, know that there’s a lot of luck involved in this process (this is more evident now that I know more about the admission system as a med student) and that the admission results do not define who you are and do not say anything about your ability to be a great doctor.

I have carefully followed last year’s waitlist movement and compiled the waitlist movement data from the previous years (2017-2020) I am sharing it here in hopes that it adds more certainty and hope:  (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSXMVQM9MGSXpiBYtEqiPDvYAeua_HOAY2B5xlnTlo1Qxkr2iSz4SAURYgvTleEdr7NRXozFJu_nMc9/pubhtml)


To summarize last year's waitlist movement:

1st bin: Almost everyone in this bin got an offer

2nd bin: No one got an offer but it's possible that the person who got off the waitlist forgot to report on pm101. It's also possible that there was less waitlist movement last year due to covid and mac lottery.

3nd&4th bin and bad waitlist: Couldn't confirm whether the 3rd and 4th bins actually exist but safe to say that you're not going to get off the waitlist if you're not in the first two bins.


Best of luck and feel free to message me if you have any questions :)

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Time Stamp: 7:26 EST

Result: Accepted

GPA: 3.91

Stream: French Stream

Year: 3rd

Interview Thoughts: I cried after my interview. I knew I started and ended well but my reasoning in 1 question felt superficial and 1 question was very awkward (I had to look away because I was just rambling). Doing all of this from my living room was such a weird experience :lol: I internally rated myself after each question and I felt my interview was like a rollercoaster. I was very upfront during my interview and I asked if I didn't understand something or even if they had any more questions for me. Neutral panel. Sometimes felt like a monologue. But I had a gut feeling they somehow liked me. SO HAPPY, GONNA PARTY IN MY PJ'S ALL DAY!!! Good luck to all and can't wait to meet youuuu :) 

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