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UOttawa Medical School Accepted/Waitlist 2021

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Hi everyone!!    After much contemplation I’ve decided to decline my offer. Hopefully this news makes someone very happy, very soon! 

@ everyone declining i love and appreciate u guys i wish i could bake u cookies kiss kiss <3 yall deserve the world

Hi all: I have just declined my offer as well. Hoping this makes someone's day very soon! Good luck everyone!  

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On 5/11/2021 at 12:53 PM, lidocaine said:

Hi guys,

Would like to contribute to the data. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive. 

Time received: 9:09 EST (can’t figure out how to find time created - using gmail if anyone knows)

GPA: 4.00 OMSAS 

English stream



Hey! You can check creation date through clicking the email (on Gmail) --> Three dots --> Show original (Then you can Ctrl+F "creation-date" and see the specific time in the source with your minutes/seconds)


Hope this helps! :) 

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Hey guys! We're in this together, I wish we could all get in. 

Contributing to the data:


Name: (I don't have an account so in case you need one for the spreadsheet lol) hopefulMD555

Time Stamp: 9:07:15 EST

Result: Waitlist (Good)

GPA: 3.94

Stream: English

Year: Gap year, graduated 2020

Interview: Hard to say. In the moment I thought maybe not too bad and then afterwards I sobbed for several hours overthinking it. Some questions I felt like were okay, I think I demonstrated my empathy well in the role play, but others were tough.

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Time Stamp: 8:20 am EST

Result: Accepted

GPA: 3.97

Stream: English

Year: Graduated and working for several years

Interview Thoughts: I had really mixed feelings after this interview. I felt pretty bad about my response to one of the questions, most I felt okay about, and a few I felt fairly good about. But I also definitely looked back and cringed about some of the things I said. I prepared for about 2 months by practicing with others and getting their feedback several times per week.

Congrats to everyone else with acceptances! And good luck to those on the WL. I will most likely be declining this offer for Mac or U of T, so I hope someone on here gets my spot. :)

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2 hours ago, ksjdflkhei said:

Also the 9:02-9:07, 9:07-9:12 theory is holding up based on my updates on the sheet will send soon 

I saw on **DELETED** that a couple people got a good waitlist email at 9:48 (one at 9:48:54 specifically). Do we think there is more than 2 bins? 

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