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13 minutes ago, microglia said:

Don’t lose hope just yet! I got off the waitlist on May 25th which was the first big wave and our offers expire June 7th. A lot of people are probably waiting until then to decline!

Thanks for letting us know, that's a lot longer than I thought since some other schools only give a week. It seems we're in for a longer wait, buckle up everyone lol.

I guess that would push the "final wave" time over to next week monday-wednesday.

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Will likely be declining my Hamilton spot! I know how hard being on a waitlist is as I was on Ottawa’s and never got off last year. I wish I had known what life had in store for me this year  Good luc

Long time lurker, first time poster. I never thought I would be writing this oh boy I'm still SHAKING    Got off the waitlist at 3:23pm June 3, 2021. IP applicant 3.77 cGPA, 129 CARS, m

Just declined an offer to McMaster - Hamilton Campus (got off Waitlist on the 26th). I hope this makes someone, very very happy!

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I’m not sure if anyone else is feeling the same way, but this constant waiting and uncertainty has made me feel dejected and less motivated for next year. If anyone can relate and would like to connect with someone going through the same experience, or even support each other as we prepare for the next cycle (if we don’t hear back this year), please feel free to reach out! 

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Just chiming in on the posts here, I know many won't want to hear this, but the odds of getting in at this point are so low that it's best to move on. The "class is full" email should be here soon.

I know it hurts, I've been on multiple waitlists before, but hang in there. It's not worth tearing yourself apart over something you have no control over. I've been there and it doesn't make anything better. Life doesn't wait for you to get into medical school, every year is special and one you'll never get back. Make it count, there's so much to experience out there.

This process can beat you down, and it's okay to spend time working through those emotions, but don't get lost in it and forget to get back up. You're all smart and capable people, I'm sure you'll find your way. Learn from your mistakes, then take your next step forward, whatever that may be.

We might meet again in next year's waitlist thread and I hope by then we will all have grown with all sorts of new chapters written in our personal life stories. Chin up, everyone :).

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