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I started university straight out of high school. I did 2.5 years before being kicked out. My poor academic performance was due to a variety of reasons including trauma and mental illness. I took some time off and I went back to school in the 2020/2021 academic year. I'm currently doing well academically and personally. I'm halfway through my degree. 

I calculated my gpa using the OMSAS scale:

Year 1 - 2.60 (30 credits)

Year 2 - 2.05 (22 credits)

Year 3 - 0.7 (12 credits)

2020/2021 - 3.96 (30 credits)

I've never taken the MCAT but I've done some basic science courses. 

I know that medical school admissions are extremely competitive in Canada and my GPA is low. Is there a realistic chance that I could get accepted into a Canadian med school? I know that Queens and Western could be options for me due to their 2 year gpa policies. Are there other medical schools with similar GPA policies? I am not from Ontario and med school in my home province is not an option due to my marks. 

I know that some schools allow applicants to provide an explanation for poor academic performance. Are there any med schools which are known to give this a lot of weight? I do have compelling reasons to explain my poor academic performance but I don't know if they would be enough to make up for 2.5 years of bad marks. I am also worried that disclosing my trauma and mental illness could backfire. 

Is there a realistic chance that I could get into a US MD or DO med school with a decent MCAT score? For reference, I'm a Canadian citizen.

I have some work experience and some volunteering but my extracurriculars are nothing special. I don't have any clinical experience. Does anyone have suggestions for extracurriculars I could do to improve my application? 


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Looking at the ON schools, I think Queens and Western will be your only options with this degree. There are some other GPA calculation formulas that are of some help (i.e. UofT), but not enough to offset a couple years of grades unfortunately; I'm sorry to hear that your first few years were such a rough time and that you had to go through all of that. That said, with solid GPA & MCAT scores you do stand a real chance at Queen's & Western, so imo that's where you should focus your efforts. I'm not super familiar with USMD/DO schools so I'll leave that for someone else. 

As for the ECs, some clinical exposure is nice, but not 100% necessary. What I think is more important is long-term commitment to stuff you're passionate about, that fits into your story, and (if possible) is different/outside the usual. Hard to say more without knowing exactly what your ECs are, sorry!

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