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PT Ontario School Decisions (Queens, Western, McMaster, U of T)

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Hey everyone! I wanted to create this space to discuss the pros/cons of the PT programs for the Ontario schools to help applicants with a better insight on which school fits best for them!! If anyone has experience with these schools, programs or knows others who have been through the programs any input would be great! 

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Thank you for making this thread! I was accepted into Western and Queens and I’m having trouble deciding.


I’ve always really liked Western and actually almost went there for undergrad! I also have some friends there, which would help with adjusting to a new city. However, I’ve heard their PT program has a huge focus on MSK and ortho. I’m much more interested in cardiorespiratory and neurological PT, which puts me off of going there.


It seems to me that Queen’s has less of an emphasis on any particular PT specialty, but it’s really far away from my friends and family, who are largely in the GTA (which is also where I’m hoping to work upon graduation). I’m not sure how true this is, but I’ve also heard that Queen’s has a very homogenous student body, which I’m slightly worried about as a POC.


Overall, both of these programs sound amazing so I’m in a bind! If anyone has any insights about either program or advice they could share I would really appreciate it.

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Congrats on the acceptances!! I have heard that both schools are trying to diversify their student bodies!

I was looking back at old forums and A western PT student posted that Western has a strong ortho program, rehab culture in London favours physios (MSK) and that the biggest con to the program is the heavy emphasis on MSK! A Queens PT student mentioned how tight knit of a community the program is and that they dive into CR/Neuro after the first semester of MSK. 

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