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Hii I was just hoping to get some advice I’m thinking about accepting a university offer to do an biology undergrad at ryerson university rather than York for health science and kinesiology but I’m a little scared I was wondering if any of you have taken bio at ryerson and how the program is and is it possible to maintain a good GPA and also I’m not the best at biology but I don’t mind putting in effort should that be a concern also the reason I’m leaning more towards going to biology is cuz if I don’t get into medical schools I’ll still have some jobs I can get 

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I am not in Ryerson biology or York Kin/HS. I am in a different Kin program and if you are wanting to go into bio solely because of the job prospects, then I suggest you go into kin at york. But of course is you truly love bio and the ryerson campus, and the course sequence interests you then go for bio. 

Lots of people like to say that kinesiology is a "useless degree" but to be honest I couldn't disagree more. Most grad programs dont care what your UG major was, they just want a few prerequisite courses, which you can obtain in any program. Plus kin gives you a great foundation for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, athletic therapy, speech language therapy, audiology, medicine, PA school, sports science/biomechanisist, research, or any allied healthcare profession really. And there is so much more you can do with kin. There are definitely good jobs you can get with a bio undergrad as well, but don't go into bio only because of the job prospects as there is lots of things you can do with kin as well. 

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