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Average TFR score for waitlisted and accepted applicants

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5 hours ago, JustSayian26 said:

Last year mine was 57

Sorry this is my first year applying for ubc but how do you see you TFR with regret? I am rejected this year but can only see GPA, NAQ and interview results. Do you guys guess TFR based on the scale bar?

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I was accepted to VFMP (first-choice) this year (2020-2021) and I am an IP applicant.

Regrets pre-interview last year (2019-2020). NAQ was 50th - 74.99th percentile, and from using the inspector tool, looks like my TFR was 47; I assume my 83% OGPA came to about 19 AQ, making my NAQ score 28. FYI, IP cutoff was 52 and OOP cutoff was 63 last year.

What changed? Well, I completed my undergrad and improved my OGPA to 84.8%. I was now eligible for AGPA as well, which I believe would have been around 86%. I also worked incredibly hard to improve my non-academic descriptions and fill out all available slots with quality lived experiences. I have a feeling I was right above the cutoff so I feel very grateful to have gotten an interview. I definitely appear much better in person than on paper, so securing an interview was the biggest hurdle.

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