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Since, I’ve found very little information on this topic, I would like to know what do Canadian schools look at if you want to specialize after completing you DMD/DDS. Are your grades/ GPA extremely important ? Or do schools focus more on your CV, recommendation letters and and interview performance ?

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59 minutes ago, MiniPanda said:

To my knowledge your GPA matters quite a bit along with your CV and recommendation letters. 

I spoke to some of my professors and they told me that you’re CV and recommendation letters are much more important then your grades. And are you talking about Canadian dental schools ?

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On 5/16/2021 at 9:49 PM, dentistrydmd said:

Depends on the specialty, but your personal statement and reference letters are always super important. GPA matters more for certain specialties.

Just curious what's the least competitive specialty? 

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