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I was recently accepted to 2T5 but have a question about deferrals. I know they are granted on an individual basis and are for exceptional circumstances. I would not be considering one if I did not have what I think is a good reason (personal health issue related to some brain trauma/concussion(s)). 

Would it also look bad to apply for a deferral because of a head injury? Would that make it likely for them to want to rescind the offer? I feel as though I would greatly benefit from more time to heal so that I could be the best student in September and prepare for the challenges ahead. 

Does anyone have any experience with deferrals at UofT? Know anything about timelines? Forms?

I have emailed the admissions office but have yet to hear a response.



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I know someone who took a leave of absence from UofT for a concussion, so no I don’t think it would look bad. If you’re not able to study or handle the workload, then you’re better off to defer and look after yourself than to start and do more damage and have to take a leave of absence anyways

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