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mine was delivered on friday morning and it hasn't updated yet... 

reason I'm stressed is because I need to decline my OMSAS offer today and I keep having this nightmare of declining that and UBC somehow not receiving my deposit, losing both my offers :unsure:

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On 5/19/2021 at 1:48 PM, welovevan said:

For those who sent a certified cheque/bank draft, how long did it take for the application status page to update to "Received" after the cheque has been delivered (as seen on courier tracking)? 

Mine says it was delivered 9am on May 18th, but says not received. 

The day of the acceptance (May 14), I tried calling TD to set up an Interac-only account (no debit visa), but they seemed to be unaware of it and said TD no longer does this. Ended up going to TD's physical bank to obtain a certified cheque (costs about $10 to obtain one). Then went to UPS to mail via courier (which cost me about $15). UPS notified me that the certified cheque arrived May 17 at 11AM, but OAS was only updated to say "Received" on May 25. So for future years, if you're reading this, try to make that payment as soon as you can! Also, be prepared to spend more money trying to mail that $1000 certified cheque (for me, I had to pay about $25 in total on top of the $1000 deposit). Here the loans begin... :rolleyes:

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