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Hi everyone!

Congratulations to everyone who has received offers this cycle, and best of luck to those still on the WL!! My fingers are crossed for y'all :))

I was lucky enough to receive offers to UofT, Mac, and Ottawa (off of WL literally right now) and was wondering if folks who are in a similar boat (or who already attend any of these schools) could share some pros and cons of each? I think I'm leaning more towards Toronto but also I am admittedly a bit terrified bc I don't know anyone there and have heard it is much more rigorous (and stressful). 

Any advice and insights would be greatly appreciated, if you are comfortable!! <3

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MS1 at uOttawa here. Congratulations on both acceptances!

A bit about Ottawa:

Our class schedule is as follows: we finish everyday at 12:30 except Thursdays (our practical days- histo, anatomy, radiology and pathology) 

Content Lectures: Monday 8:30-12:30, Wednesday 8:30-12:30, Thursday: 8:00-12:30, Friday 11:30-12:30

Case based learning (go over cases related to content in a group of 6 students with physician): Tuesday 8:30-10:30 and Friday 8:30 to 11:30 

Social Medicine (SIM): go over hot topics and how to be a good physician Tuesday 10:30 -12:30 

Physical Skills (work on skills needed to be a physician- cardio, resp exam etc etc): Thursday 2 to 3:30

Thus, there is SO much free time at Ottawa which I love. Most afternoons are off so you can do what you want. Some people study, some people pick up ECs and others just focus on themselves (this is the most free time I've ever had). Additionally, since you only have one midterm and one final for testing, you are really off for 80% of the time and then start studying/cramming 2 weeks before the exam. So I personally enjoy that whereas someone else may enjoy frequent smaller testing (weekly or biweekly tests like at U of T). Additionally, the passing grade at Ottawa is 60% overall which is very very fair. 

We were in person twice a week for PSD (physical skills on Thursday) and anatomy labs on Tuesday afternoon. 

For next year, they plan on only keeping lectures online but everything else in person (unless things get significantly better with COVID).

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