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Student in cegep that will probably go abroad for his sport

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I am a student in cegep with a current R score of approx. 37.5. I plan of being a doctor. However, I am also a soccer player and I will probably go to Europe for at least 1 year in order to pursue my dream of becoming professional. I am very scared that if I come back 1-2-3 years later to Quebec, all my hard work to get this R-Score will be for nothing because I will have to redo my cegep/take a harder path. Is there any ways I can comeback and just continue where I'm currently at (I was supposed to do my third  session in Fall 2021). Will my R-Score stay the same or will it be canceled? Do universities accept students that took up to 3 years of break and came back to cegep for a reason such as mine? I really don't want to ruin my chances of becoming a doctor straight from Cegep because I went to play my sport in Europe.

Thank you.

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5 minutes ago, AdamA said:

@hopefulpremed98Ok, thank you for your answer. Do you know if the 4 med school in Quebec care if I took a large gap or they just look at the R-Score and Casper test. My biggest concern is that they will not accept someone that did Cegep with a large gap between two sessions.

McGill requires an extenuating circumstances letter (and it’s up to them to accept or reject your application but if you justify yourself well it should be OK), UdeM unclear whether they want an extenuating circumstances letter or they just don’t care like the other Francophone schools (you should mail them about your situation just to be sure), and the two other unis (UdeS/Laval) don’t care as long as you finish your DEC.

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