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Hi all,


I'm currently in my GAP year (graduated last year with my Bachelors Degree), and I'm not sure if I should retake the MCAT.


I got 1 interview this year and was rejected after the interview. My CARS is 127. My MCAT score is 513. I'm IP for BC. 


Would it be beneficial to retake? For American Schools how bad does a retake look? Thanks.

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The overall MCAT score is pretty decent (that's what I got as an overall score, I am weak in the nat science sections, but I did get interviewed at 4/5 schools I applied to), but it depends on what the schools you are applying to value. If they tend to place emphasis or only evaluate CARS like Mac, then you may want to rewrite it. I would look at other parts of your application as well. How well you write your entries for extra-curriculars/work exp etc is really key in getting the selections person reviewing your app to key into the things that they are looking for. An MCAT rewrite is not detrimental as far as I know for most schools and I have heard of people retaking it in the states too and later being admitted.

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