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Resident Physician in Psychiatry offering Interview/MMI coaching or application review

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Hi everyone,

Needless to say, the interview is everything in Canadian Medical School Admissions, and it was something i struggled in personally before hiring a non-medical interview coach for a year.

I was rejected from UBC's medical program previously with a "below average" interview, but then worked tirelessly at my interview to become accepted to 6 medical schools the next year. 

By some twist of fate, I am now in a competitive residency program where there interview is literally everything- Psychiatry.

If you feel your interview has been holding you back, I am here to help. I will grill you with legitimate practice questions, and give you completely honest and unfiltered feedback and we will work together to form the best and most presentable version of yourself on interview day. You will become fluent and coherent and be able to string together well thought out answers on the fly.  You will get into medical school. 

I have helped many friends obtain entry into medical school, and this is the first time I am offering my services to the general public.

I am charging $60/hr for interview preparation (can be discussed) or $50/hr for application/essay consultation. 

All sessions will be via video chat.

*If you are at a financial disadvantage please don't hesitate to contact me and we can work something out :)

DM me for further details! 

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