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Should I Rewrite My MCAT (Ontario Schools)

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My MCAT score is 511: (127 chem/phys, 128 CARS, 127 Bio, 129 psyc/soc). I did not get any interviews in this recent cycle and am debating rewriting my exam. My cGPA is 3.9. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you :)

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Depends on where you are applying. I got multiple interviews in 2018 with a 513 (lower on the bio and chem/phys and higher on the CARS and psyc/soc), so I don't think it's impossible with a 511 and your cGPA is good. Part of snagging interviews may be about writing your ABS in a way that highlights the qualities that schools are looking for in a more effective way. Feel free to message, I can forward some advice I was given on this topic.

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