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I am currently an x-ray technologist and I'm looking at applying to NOSM.  I am also looking into taking a master’s degree to get the 0.2 GPA increase. 

Would it be worth it for me to apply? My GPA is definitely my weak point.


Born and raised (32 years) in a community considered northern by NOSM (they have a Local NOSM group at the hospital I work at).

Rurality Index for Ontario (RIO): 62

Undergrad 1: 2.7 cGPA

Undergrad 2: 3.6 cGPA

Overall GPA: 3.2 GPA

Mature Student

Medical Work Experience as an X-ray Tech: Approximately 3 years (8720 hours documented) working directly with patients and an interprofessional team in the ER, OR, Endoscopy Suite, ICU, CT. Assisting  radiologist with interventional procedures.

Clinical Training Hours in Hospital with Patients for X-ray: 1347 hours. Worked directly with patients and an interprofessional team in the ER, OR (orthopedics), Endoscopy Suite, ICU, CT. Assisting radiologist with interventional procedures.

1.5 years as the Clinical Coordinator for X-ray Students at my current hospital with emphasis on retaining students to work at hospitals in our northern area. 

  • Educating students on how to perform all x-rays, working hands on with patients, performing cases in OR, Endo and fluoro. 

  • Working in a classroom setting each with x-ray students teaching them everything from image analysis, to image correction, studying for the licensing exam etc.

  •  Currently, I am trying to expand the program to our sister hospital so that we can have more students that can learn here and hopefully stay to practice in the north.

  • Work with two other local northern hospitals (not including the two hospitals I currently work at) going above and beyond what is required of the college the students come from and letting the students experience rotations at other, bigger northern hospitals to spark interest in things such as orthopedics and interventional imaging and other possible work environments in the north.

  • Helping students to apply for x-ray positions at northern hospitals as they come up, practicing mock interviews, going over cover letters and resumes to help retain students in our northern communities. 

Volunteer Work:

  • Emergency First Responder with the University of Toronto Emergency First Response team for 2 years. 

    • Provided medical care to students and non-students on and around the UofT St. George Campus.

    • Attended Bi-Weekly intensive medical aid training sessions (we carry an AED, oxygen etc. and needed to keep up on our knowledge).

    • Volunteered with Toronto  public school students for half a day on basic first aid techniques. 

    • Volunteered at a “Mock Refugee Camp” where various Toronto public schools sent students to learn about refugee camps. In our tent, taught them basic first aid for things like a minor head wound, broken wrist etc. 

  • Archery Coach at UofT 1.5 years (2016-2018)

    • Participated in running archery classes teaching new members about archery and how to properly and safely shoot. 

    • Helped members improve their ability to shoot.

    • Set up and ran various fun archery events for the members.

    • Responsible for opening the archery range and all ensuring safety of all members present while open. 

    • Hosted an archery event for at risk Indigenous High School students in downtown Toronto.

      • Taught them about archery and how to shoot properly.

      • Ensured a safe, fun and educational environment while providing one-on-one instruction.


  • Volunteer Student Ambassador for the Union Station College Show (downtown Toronto)

    • Represented the Michener Institute/University of Toronto’s Radiological Technology program from the student perspective.

    • Answered questions regarding the program, outlook after graduating, life at Michener and the University of Toronto etc. to prospective students and their families. 


  •  Michener Institute Campus Day (2015, 2016)

    • Volunteer tour guide.

  • The Michener Institute of Education at UHN Spring Fling (2016)

    • Volunteer tour guide.

  • The Michener Institute of Education at UHN Spring Fling (2017)

    • Volunteered as a Radiological Technology Program Ambassador

  • UofT Radiological Sciences Calling Campaign (2017)

    • Called prospective students who had applied for the joint Michener Institute/University of Toronto Radiological Technology program.

    • Answered any questions they had about the program, student life, my experience so far as a student of the program, residence, MMI style interviews etc. 

    • The representatives for the Michener Institute/University of Toronto Nuclear Medicine program did not show up, so I stayed later once finished with the phone calls for my program and also called prospective students of the Nuclear Medicine program and answer questions to the best of my ability about the program as well as the other aspects of student life listed above. 


  • Dr. Jim Sieniewicz Radiological Technology Scholarship 

    • Must be nominated to be eligible to receive. Nomination submitted by teacher and Michener's Radiological Technology Program Chair Alex Gontar. This award is presented to one student who has made a significant contribution to the Radiological Technology program. The recipient of this award is selected by the Program Chair.

    • Criteria 1: Maintained good academic standing.

    • Criteria 2: Consistently made positive contributions to the program.


Thank you for your input.


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On 5/31/2021 at 2:22 PM, BelieveInYourself said:

I would definitely apply! Your ECs are great and it shows your dedication to the North. I think you have a lot of experience on which you can easily talk about. If you don't get in this year, it will still give you an introduction to the application and interview process. 

Thank you, I appreciate your reply!

I was planning on applying just to see this year while working on the Master's. I haven't told anyone in my family or friends, so I needed some in put somewhere else.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have to be more honest and say while you have a diverse background, you are also competing against others that come from diverse backgrounds as well. NOSM tends to attract more of those from a non-traditional background. 

The truth is your GPA is still holding you back a lot. I'd consider even doing more course work to try and improve on the GPA because that will always be your hurdle. 

- G

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