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Withdrawing (W) from 300 level anatomy course and future applications to OT and PT

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Hi all,

I was hoping to apply to a PT or OT grad school in the future and I'm currently enrolled in an anatomy course that I ended up failing the midterm for and now it's likely I won't do as well in the course or even pass the course. I have the chance to withdraw from my course right now with the W but would this option be better to take right now than a bad grade? How would a W (especially in an intensive anatomy course), look for grad school admissions to PT/OT? 

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I definitely recommend withdrawing rather than ending up with a bad grade! I also had a W on my transcript and managed to get into Western and Queens PT as well as Mac OT, so it didn’t seem to have a huge impact on the application. On the other hand, subGPA makes a big difference on your applications across the board. For some programs, not meeting the cutoff means your application doesn’t get reviewed at all. And one bad grade can really drag down your subGPA. 


Another thing is, anatomy is a prerequisite for the PT programs. In order to apply you’re required to achieve a B- at least (this varies across schools but I think they all require around a B). 


I hope this helped!

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