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Live at home with parents during uOttawa MS1/MS2 or move out?

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I was recently accepted to the medical school in my home town. I am so thrilled to be able to stay in Ottawa where I grew up in, near family, support systems, and my boyfriend. I am currently living with my parents as I finish my MSc (have been for two years now - moved away for undergrad for four years) and I commuted for the first year of my masters from home (pre-pandemic, before everything went virtual). 
I am really on the fence about moving out for my first pre clerkship year, or holding off until I begin clerkship or perhaps MS2. For reference - my parents home is a 30 minute drive from the main medical sciences building (RGN) I will be situated at. I do have my own car and will be purchasing a parking pass at RGN. 
- save money (from my knowledge rent is anywhere between 800-1500 a month in the area+ save on living expenses e.g., groceries, utilities + don't have to buy furniture/cookware + don't have to pay for longterm residential parking); also if I don't move out I will likely be able to pay for this year's tuition or only need to obtain a small loan 
- access to home gym (I am big into working out and have spent this last year or more building a home gym at my parents' house with the gyms closed) which is positive for balance and health/wellness 
- situated in rural area with green space 
- closer to support systems (parents) and west end where most of my friends/family live 
- commute + gas (if it is hybrid next year I will have to commute likely 2-3 times per week, so anywhere between 3-4 hours of driving per week round trip) 
- isolated from urban city living/other students, not in walking distance to things
- limited space for quiet studying (not close to a library, and I have a setup in my room but it can become loud in my house) 
I have spoken to others and some have said that it isn't worth it to move out in the first two years. Just wondering if anyone had any insights to share from their own experiences and the lifestyle they frequented during med at Ottawa. Thank you in advance :)
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2 hours ago, premed72 said:

I would definately stay home and save money!! There really is no point living away from home during preclerk when you're already in your home town

Thank you for your response! Yeah thats been the consensus.. I guess I am just a bit apprehensive about commuting, but I can also move out if needed in the new year or for MS2! 

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You could always live at home at first and see how it goes! I’m a graduating 4th year, and I would say probably half of my classmates who lived with their parents moved out at some point during med school… some due to the commute being too much, some due to wanting to live with classmates or closer to the hospitals. Others lived with their parents for all of med school and just made the commute work (ex. if they lived in the west end, they tried to do their clerkship rotations at the Civic). So lots of options! 

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