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Hello, everyone! 

I'm feeling particularly unmotivated today and I wanted to see what my chances look like, I'm sorry that this is so long but I'd appreciate any feedback!!

cGPA: 3.4

MCAT: Took it in 2020 got 502, planning to retake and have been grinding my ass off to get 510 or higher


- Started a club in 2nd year and have been President for 2.5 years now, coordinated the club to raise over $20,000 USD for COVID-19 relief in vulnerable, low-income communities (the organization that my club works with is sustainable and works year round with these organizations)

- Went on a service trip with aforementioned organization in 2019 to volunteer for community development projects, and to assist in the set up and flow of a mobile clinic (clinics happen year-round, and the organization employs local doctors and nurses and staff to work throughout the whole year)

- Buddy Program Volunteer for 2 years, get matched with a 1st year international student who has just moved to the University, take them around the city, help them get set up with school, answer questions, attend international student society events together

- Mentor with student organization, 1 year, get paired with 1-2 new students who match to my program/interests to help guide them through first year

- UROP Research Scholarship, 100 hours of assisting with a research project under a supervisor, present poster project at end of the year

- Research volunteer in same lab that I did my UROP in, by the time I will apply I'll have between 50-100 hours volunteering, mostly data entry and analysis

- Volunteer locally in my university city (various positions, about 100 hours total) 

- Lifeguard and swim instructor for 3 years

- Competitive Swimming Coach for 6 years, position where I gained more leadership roles each year

- Disabilities Activity Coordinator with Easter Seals, worked with their overnight camp for 2 summers, lead activities, provided personal care and 24/7 support for children and adults with disabilities


Sorry this was so long, thank you in advance!

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Hey There! 

Don't worry about feeling down, You got this! I'll jump straight to the point. Other people can add things to my feedback or correct me if I am mistaken. 

Your ECs look excellent. Volunteering with Easter Seals for an extended period of time is great. But they want to see consistency and long-term volunteering. If you are volunteering regularly then disregard this comment. Now they might be flexible with this specific criteria due to COVID-19 and the whole country being in lockdown. 

Research: Excellent. 

Employment: They want to see you employed and being able to contribute to the community. You should be fine with your current job. 

MCAT: what is your current breakdown? And you definitely need to improve and get a well rounded score. I applied with a 507 my first time (CARS 123), the admissions peeps told me to improve on that. So I retook the mcat and got 515, and got in this year. I also bombed my first interview so it is definitely that too. 

GPA: What is your GPA in percentages? MUN will ask you to change your GPA from 4.0 score to percentage. You can find the GPA conversion table on MUN MED website. I am not sure how strict MUN will look at your GPA as they look at the applications holistically. Did you graduate? or are you still in school? 

Now your ECs look great on paper. What matters is being able to reflect on your experiences and be able to show what you learned from said experiences in your essays and interviews. 

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