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Hey guys, I just finished my first year of health science co-op at UWaterloo. I did pretty well--secured a 4.0 GPA and 95% average. I went into this program/school because I want to go to medical school after my undergrad and I already have an apartment to stay at in Kitchener--but I am having some doubts about the school, the program and co-op.

-First, the program and faculty is very small. UWaterloo is not a traditional pre-med school. I am having trouble finding resources and people to talk to about wanting to pursue medicine. Even finding extracurriculars to put on my med school application is troubling!

-The program structure is pretty strict. I want to write the mcat in the summer before my third year, but the program requirements aren't letting me take many mcat prep courses before. Unless I drop co-op, I will be doing lower level courses in my fourth year. 

-I heard co-op for health and science sucks at waterloo--like it is really competitive and there's not many positions. It also makes applying for medical schools a little harder

Does anyone have any advice? I was considering switching to another school, but all the transfer applications closed on June 1st. I am also considering switching into biomed sci or honours sci--but they do not have co-op and I heard the extra science courses just harm your chances of going to medical school. I was also wondering if I should stay in co-op.


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I would recommend sticking it out or dropping co-op. You are doing well at Waterloo, why risk everything? I could see things going wrong at another school very easily and then you will be stuck with regrets. Even the transfer process is time consuming and tedious plus you will be explaining your transfer for a long time and it stays on your resume for life. I think you'd need more compelling a reason to transfer. 



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