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PA school time commitment.

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Hi everyone, 

I will be going into my second year of my undergrad in septemeber. I had previously wanted to go to medical school, but upon hearing and learning more about the PA profession, I have decided that this would be a better fit for me. I am really loving the lateral mobility, as well as the work-life balance, and minimal schooling associated with being a PA. 

I guess I was just wondering, how much free time do you all have in PA school? And also as practicing PAs? I am intriuged by the ability to perform many of the duties of the phyician (with less autonomy of course), but with less of a hectic work schedule. I am also an athlete and I feel that I have other interests in addition to medicine that I would love to keep pursuing while working. I know that they say that in medical school that you don't have time to be a high performance athlete etc. But I was wondering if this may be feasilbe in pa school and as a practicing PA?

Mainly I am wondering if I would have time to be in PA school while training in sport 30 ish hours a week? If not then could I do this as a practicing PA? And also has any other PA gone back to school to get masters/phd degrees while being a PA?


Thanks so much!


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