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Med School Clerk offering OMSAS/Essays/Interview/MMI/CASPer coaching - $45/hour

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I am a current Ontario third-year medical student in clerkship. I offer tutoring, coaching, editing, and consultation services for all aspects of medical school applications. Over the past 3 years, I have helped students with the MCAT CARS (I scored 130/98th percentile), OMSAS, medical school admission essays, personal statements, CASPer, and interviewing skills.


I am proud to say that every student I have helped so far has been accepted to medical school in Ontario (U of T, McMaster, Ottawa, and Western). I have also worked for prep companies. I consider my job to help you to emphasize your strengths and uniqueness as effectively as possible. I don't take many students, so I can focus a lot of my time on each one.


I can also provide advice on building your resumé/CV during your undergraduate degree to make you a top candidate for Canadian medical schools. I did graduate school before medical school, so I understand the academic system and how to excel in it, such as on how to pick courses and extracurriculars, and how to attain research opportunities like publications and conference presentations. Indeed, I applied to one Ontario medical school once and got in on my first try.


I genuinely love teaching and will do my best to help you. Testimonials/references available upon request. All sessions are online (skype, facetime, etc.) for $45/hour. While this is a job for me, I am passionate about helping students and am charging a rate lower than the other posts I see. Every time a student has called me with the good news of their acceptance, it's made my week. I would be thrilled to help you.


If you are ready to start or have any questions, feel free to personal message over premed101 or email at MDschooltutor@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for your interest!

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