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Hi everyone! I'm slightly confused about the details of the graduate GPA calculation. I went with option B below

Option B - up to 15 credit hours of graded (alpha/numerical) courses from a completed or in-progress to be completed graduate degree
(Masters or PhD) PLUS the 45 most recent credit hours of graded (alpha/numerical courses from a completed 90-120 credit baccalaureate degree.

How would they decide which 15 credit hours of my grad program would count towards my GPA? I'm trying to calculate my final GPA at the moment, but not sure if I should only be using the most recent 15 credit hours.

Thanks :)

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1 minute ago, Bandersnatch said:

I asked admissions about exactly this issue recently. This was their response:

You can enter up to 15 credit hours of your highest graded courses from your graduate degree. The remaining courses must be your most recent graded credit hours from your undergraduate degree, to total 60 credit hours”

Ah thank you so much. For undergraduate courses, we can only count the courses that were used to meet degree requirements, right?

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