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New application cycle log in? "re-apply"

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Hello all, 

-Just a quick question about the new platform and logging in

-On the previous platform, there used to be a "re-apply applicant" option and usually, I would use the same log in as last year. My log in ID from last cycle isn't working for the new platform - just wondering if anyone else if having the same issue or if the correct thing to do is to go ahead and press new applicant? 

Thanks and good luck! 

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I also selected "Forgot Password" after my login info didn't work and I didn't receive an email to reset my password.  I'm sure that with the reformatting of UCAN for this cycle, it means that we need to start a new application.  We can also keep an eye on the Blog to see if Dr. P addresses it.  It just became active today which probably means there are still many bugs to work out.  


Cheers all!

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