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Quit FT job for 5th year?

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Hey guys, 

My cGPA is a 3.6 on OMSAS and a 3.73 for the last two years. I have a M.Sc. with a first author publication and lots of ECs under my belt. My MCAT is a 510 (127, 127, 129, 127). I would like to go back for a 5th year to improve my cGPA for McMaster and 2-year GPA for Queens and perhaps also take the time to rewrite the MCAT for a higher CARS score. Western is not possible since I don't meet their 3/5 rule. I was wondering if it would look bad or I get judged if I fully quit my job to fully focus on doing well? I can afford to do this but not sure if it's a good idea? 


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