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hey guys! i was thinking of getting either an ipad mini or the normal ipad 10.1 inch. i was thinking of getting the former because it might be easier to take notes during observerships/electives/clerkship since i have very small hands and carrying anything bigger might be uncomfortable -- but do you guys honestly even take notes during that time? and would it be weird to use an ipad or is it better to just do it on pen and paper? if there's no point or use in using an ipad to take notes during observership then i'll prefer to get the 10.1 just for class notes since its way more affordable. just looking for some insight! and would an ipad air be overkill?

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It’s difficult to take notes on a larger device during clinical rotations in my experience. Especially since covid, usually I am trying to minimize the amount of stuff I’m carrying around. I always take notes on pieces of paper and then scan the useful ones in as documents or amalgamate them into more useful notes when I am home and studying. I might have my iPad with me in my call room, but I don’t take it onto the wards. 

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