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Hey everyone!

On behalf of my team at CaMSIGN, I wanted to share this great opportunity with anyone interested in learning more about neurosurgery and hoping to improve their approach to neurosurgical cases (which can be transferable to other surgical disciplines as well).

Our team is honoured to begin a new monthly collaboration with UBC Neurosurgery. We are pleased to have UBC Neurosurgery Residents, Dr. Oliver Ayling (PGY-6) and Dr. Michael Rizzuto (PGY-3), co-lead a series of live episodes focused on clinical teachings related to variety of cases within different subspecialties of neurosurgery. Cases would be delivered as correlative rounds with relevant imaging, pathology, H&P and other components being assessed followed by general teaching around the topic. As for the first episode of this series, we begin with intracranial aneurysms.

We sincerely encourage all medical students to participate as these will be a series of opportunities to build clinical reasoning and expand scope of understanding. Each case would conclude with some key pearls that would be valuable in preparation for future electives and potentially CaRMS!

Link to event for more details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/4138487069576863

Link to registration:  https://bit.ly/camsign-ubcnsx


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