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Hey guys,

I am wondering what residents with OMA disability insurance are doing now that all the discounts for residents are gone? I was shocked to see the annual premium increase by $1k compared to last year with all the 75% discounts gone. 

Are you guys sticking with OMA?

Personally, I am planning to cancel and maybe look into RBC instead... 

Really sucks :( 

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Still planning on sticking with OMA. Was still cheaper than RBC for me even if the discounts are removed. One thing that often isn't discussed but may be worth considering are that:

1. The fact that the OMA prices are going up is a sign that physicians who are applying for and claiming disability insurance are actually being paid

2. If there was a group of doctors that have signed up for OMA insurance, become disabled and the OMA did not pay up there would be outrage towards OMA insurance, since they are supposed to represent us. If the same thing happened with RBC, your only option would be to lawyer up and go after them. This likely does not happen very frequently, but should at least be considered as a possibility. 

Good luck with your decision! 

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