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IP MCAT Score Goals   

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  1. 1. IP Applicants - at what score would you choose NOT to rewrite the MCAT?

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5 hours ago, offmychestplease said:

Median admitted MCAT last year was 77th percentile which translates to an MCAT score of 510 based on the most recent MCAT percentiles. 

Yikes.. I must have been looking at an older percentile chart. Thank you for making that correction! 

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The MCAT threshold for which you should retake the MCAT would be highly dependent on your GPA. If you have a decent GPA, I wouldn't worry too much.

Remember that as a Sask IP, you're pretty much guaranteed and interview if you're semi-competetive. Post Interview, the MCAT only accounts for 20 percent of the admission score. Also remember that a median score means that half the matriculants get below the median score.

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